Racot. A melting pot of culture 2023

Racot. A melting pot of culture 2023

In 2023, 225 years have passed since Antoni Barnaba Jabłonowski sold the Racot goods to Prince Willem van Oranje Nassau, the later first king of the Netherlands. The year 1798 was the beginning of the “crucible” that we want to recall. The third edition of the initiative initiated by Dr. Emilian Prałat will be dedicated in a special way to showing Polish-Netherlandish contacts throughout history, their history in Racot and, in a wider context, on Polish soil.

14:30 church of st. Stanisław Kostka | ecumenical service under the slogan “You, my God and Lord, are my shield, I rely on you”, which is a reference to a fragment of the Netherlands hymn.

15:15 organ recital

16:00 honorary courtyard in front of the palace in Racot | official part, guest speeches, occasional lecture, historical reconstruction

16:30 palace park | planting three oaks: Antoni, Willem and Zofia – whose names commemorate the representatives of three subsequent families that ruled over the Racock estates

16:50 garden terrace | occasional concert – Polish, Netherlandish and German melodies

18:00 palace | tasting, guided tours of the palace and coach house (prior reservation required)

We have planned art workshops for the youngest. We have also prepared an occasional exhibition devoted to Polish-Netherlandish relations.

19:00 garden terrace | open air cinema in Racot! Screening of a selected Netherlandish film – we encourage you to take your blankets and join the picnic mood!